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Foreword by Ron Szekely, Managing Partner CityR


In fluctuating markets, investors have always been reassured by the security that bricks and mortar provide. But UK investors often restrict themselves to property investment in the UK, or perhaps Europe, even if better investment returns can be found
elsewhere in the world.


No longer. We believe that the US property market offers as yet untapped opportunities for UK investors, and the CityR model brings them something that can deliver two things of particular interest to investors – income and capital growth.


The potential of the market means we can also deliver returns at a fantastic rate – meaning that we
can our investors with 8% preferred return, and we’ll put our own slice of the profits in to achieving that return for them.


The Double Digit Report outlines how we do this. It will take you through why we think multi-family property in the
US is a good investment opportunity and how we’ve positioned ourselves (and our investment partners) to exploit it.
It will take you through our investment approach and how we distribute our returns, showing you how we put
our investment partners first and deliver returns of 8%.  It will tell you all about the process our investments go through and the partners that we work with. So you might be surprised to know that my biggest financial success has come from investing in property. 


It will also give you details from our portfolio, using case studies to illustrate our model in action.
Our hope is that it will provide you with everything you need to know so that we can meet you in person or on the phone to discuss our next investment opportunities and you can join the thousands of other satisfied investment partners, 70% of whom choose to invest with us again.


Before you go any further, a couple of points. First, our investment partners in the UK are those who are looking for regular income with the potential for capital returns when the investment is sold. Our partners usually have £36,000 available to invest, and our opportunities mean that the size of your investment can easily be scaled up, depending on how you wish to allocate your resources. So if you have more than £36,000 to invest, this can easily be accommodated.
Second, our investments last around 3-5 years, so our partners need to be comfortable investing for this length of time. While it is possible to sell your share on to another investment partner, you may lose out on the opportunity for capital gain on the sale of the property. 


We recommend taking professional financial advice when making investment decisions.



Look forward to meeting you soon,




Ron Szekely

Managing Partner UK


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