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CityR opens up US residential property market to UK investors

  • New US property investment proposition launches in UK
  • 15 years’ experience of investing in multi-family properties yielding revenue from day one
  • Unique business partnership when the company invests side by side with the investors
  • Yields of at 8-12% cash on cash per annum based on historic performance
  • Backed by a major US bank provide mortgage, financing and due diligence

Today sees the UK launch of CityR, a specialist property investment company, bringing with it the chance for UK investors to benefit from the growth of the US residential property market.
The UK’s appetite for property ownership is well documented, and at a time when buy-to-let may be out of the reach of potential investors, CityR enables British investors to benefit from high yields and capital returns available across the Atlantic through the power of a pooled investment while enjoying the benefits estate registered in their name.

CityR, which has 15 years’ experience of investing in the USA, identifies and purchases multi-family residential American properties on behalf of UK based investors. Yields are then returned to investors on a quarterly basis, with CityR looking at a five year time horizon for sale, creating an opportunity for capital value growth. CityR employs a unique model, operating neither as a brokerage or an investment house, instead investing 5-10% of its own equity into each property alongside investors while providing its partners a preferred return.


Sheryl-Lee Walters, Managing Director UK, CityR, said:
“In volatile markets, investors have always been reassured by the security that bricks and mortar provide. We believe that the US offers as yet untapped opportunities for UK investors, and the CityR model brings them something that can deliver both income and capital growth.”


Every deal is backed by a major bank in the US enabling investors to enjoy peace of mind,and historic investments have returned 10%+ annual yield cash on cash and an annual ROIof more than 15%. Critically, CityR does not take any return until all investors have receivedmore than 10% cash on cash annually.


Ron Szekely, Partner, CityR, said: “Since today’s market is a global one, there is no reason why British investors should settle for 4-6% annual ROI when greater returns of 8-12% are achievable abroad.“


Our model means we put our investors first and ensure they take any returns before we do, ensuring that everyone remains happy.
“Having launched in Israel and US and delivered returns to investors there for the past 15 years, I am excited to bring this proposition to the UK market.”

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