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Exclusive investors meeting
Every Thursday at 5 PM we hold an exclusive investors meeting at our office.
Around the coffee table, 10 preregistered guests can meet our experts and learn how we can assure our partners with 8% assured annual return.
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The meeting is at no cost or obligation, but requires preresgitration.
Dozens of guests who participated in the recent meetings were equipped with the tools and knowledge that assists them in choosing the right investment for them

In this exclusive meeting we will discuss how to wisely invest in US property starting at £26,000 and receive 10% assured annual return and capital gain. We will also thoroughly discuss in a friendly atmosphere all the safety means every investor should take when investing in property.

Is this meeting right for you?
If at least one of the items below correctly describes you, we believe you will highly benefit from this meeting
Considering investing in property
Curently Examining investment options
Considering diversifying your investment portfolio
Have a lump sum of at least £26,000
CITYR will be happy to meet you soon in one of the upcoming Thursadys