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Investing with CiTYR
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Our portfolio and its performance
Our upcoming investment opportunities and how they may suit your clients
Our disclosures and relevant documentation
Our approach to ensuring investment partners receive a cash on cash return
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If you think this opportunity is right for your clients, then we are able to supply you with all the
documentation you need for your clients to become an investment partner.
Key investor information
International property purchasing is not regulated by the FCA – which is one of the reasons CityR is a member of the Association of International Property Professionals, a group dedicated to voluntary self-regulation in an otherwise unregulated industry.

CityR is committed to providing absolute transparency to its partners about its investments. This means that you and your clients will have access to all of the relevant investment documentation for the duration of the investment – plus the ability to track the investment’s performance online. And as we invest in the US, we operate within a robust legal environment.
We also provide the following investment documentation for our clients

From the acquisition process
  • HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Deeds noting the investors and rights to the property
  • Ownership documents listing holding percentages with
    the names of all investors
  • Due Diligence Report from the Title Company
  • Holding titles
  • Mortgage papers
Following the purchase
  • Independent Due Diligence Report from inspections of the property
  • Regular investment summaries
We would be happy to supply you with a comprehensive set of documentation from a recent investment – simply Contact us today

Return of capital prior to the investment being sold
We can accommodate clients who have a requirement to access their capital before the investment property is sold – their investment is usually sold on to another CityR investment partner. However, we would not recommend our investment for clients who may have a shorter investment horizon as they will lose the opportunity to benefit from the capital gain that comes on the sale of the investment