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Our Investment Approach
At CiTYR, our investment approach ensures we’re just as passionate about the outcome as you are, and we ensure those who work with us are too
Our business model is based on mutual interest in the performance of every investment. By investing in the same properties as you do, and by ensuring the property management companies we choose do the same, everyone involved in each investment has a financial reason to take an express interest in their performance.
The strategy driving our investments
We look for US properties with potential – and our strategy is built to exploit that potential.
Step 1
Property Acquisition
We search for potential opportunities across the US. Shortlisted opportunities are compared to similar properties in the area, and checked for the potential increase in property value in comparison to the market. Thorough due diligence is carried out by CityR, with physical and financial due diligence also carried out by both the major US bank providing the mortgage, and the property management company who will maintain the property. The property is then acquired once sufficient funds have been raised from partners.
Step 2
Property development and regulation
The property management company reviews and improves the property. Tenants are reviewed and rents are revised in line with market values. Expenses on the property are reviewed and revised.
Step 3
Improvement and stabalisation
Percentage tenancy is increased along with the profitability of the tenants. Investment continues in the property according to the business plan. Rent is increased annually in line with market expectations.
Step 4
Once targets have been reached, selling the property is considered. Funds that have been invested in the project (e.g. mortgage payments) can be extracted upon sale – along with the capital appreciation – and distributed among investors.