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Investment Performance
Proven investment performance
CityR is proud of its consistent track record of high performance.
Below is a table showing the performance of our investments since we began in 2009. You can download our latest investment summaries, which contain deeper detail on the returns on each property, on the right.
Property 2012 2013 2014 Summeries
East Orange, NJ 14.9% 3.7% * View Case Study
Chestnut, KY 2.45% * View Case Study
Montgomery, AL 1.25% * View Case Study
Roseville, NJ 3.8% * 15.1% 3.4% View Case Study
* Q1 only | * Property was purchased in Q1 2014 | * Property was purchased in Mid Feb 2014 | * Property was purchased in Q4 2012
Please contact us for any more details on investment performance for any of our properties.