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Why The US?

At CiTYR, we believe that the US property market currently offers an exceptional investment opportunity with fantastic potential for both rental income and capital gain. The opportunity is investing in what we call ‘multi-family residences.’ These are privately owned residential properties that usually have hundreds of one, two and three-bedroom property units within them. There are lots of these residences all over the US, and they become an investment opportunity as the economy develops and demand for housing increases. We use our resources and networks to search growing US states such as New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri, to look for the opportunities to invest in quality housing for hard-working families.

We believe the US offers an ideal opportunity because
The recent economic crisis and the decline in US property prices means there are fantastic opportunities available – if you have the scale to take advantage of them.
Current yields on British property are typically between 4-6% broadly speaking. By contrast, it has not been unusual to find yields in the 10% region in the USA.
Base rate rise now expected towards the year end and other means to treat the immerging UK property “bubble”, given Mark Carney’s recent hints may turn out in UK property prices decrease.
The rent on the properties has the potential to increase annually – as the property’s facilities are improved and economic growth creates jobs faster than new housing in the area.
Established property management companies are on hand to manage the properties – and we make sure they invest themselves.
Aside from the rental income, there is the potential for great capital gain on the properties – which we share with our investment partners.
Major financial institutions are available and ready to help finance these investments – meaning additional due diligence and potential for scale.
The US offers a robust legal structure in place to protect stakeholders.
The areas the properties are located in contain a number of top employers – for example, our Lexington Park investment in Columbus, Ohio has Ohio State.
However, this opportunity has previously been out of reach to the UK investor for two reasons – the scale of investment required to buy (the average price of our investments are usually over $10,000,000), and the maintenance of the property after investing (the average number of property units in our investments is 250).

Our investment approach means that our UK investment partners can benefit from these property investment opportunities and this approach has yielded our partners fantastic returns in the recent past. For example:
The average annual yield of our investment in Eagle Landing, in Montgomery, Alabama, has been 11.2%
The average annual yield of our investment in Chestnut Ridge, Louisville, Kentucky has been 12.9%
The average annual yield of our investment in 148 Chancellor Avenue, New Jersey has been 11.3%
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