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Orphans fund for present and future assistance to Children from south Israel.

Dear valued friends and partners, Israel is currently facing one of its most challenging periods. It is a time to come together and face each of these challenges head-on.

As part of CityR's activites, we have made a decision to collaborate with the Or Association to establish a fund that will cater to the immediate needs of children who have been orphaned due to the recent war. The Or Association is a non profit organization that has been operating for over 20 years in the Negev and Galilee regions aiming to elevate the standard of living in both - the southern region and the entirety of Israel. Together with them, we are determined to establish orphanages and provide any other assistance necessary to rehabilitate these children who have been separated from their families.


We recive heartbreaking requests for immediate help. Children require a safe place to stay, meditations, essential supplies, psychological care, transportation, toys and more..

Let's not abandon these children!
Join us in this important fundraising effort, and together we can give these children hope for a better future.

To donate by phone, fill out this form:

Thanks, we'll be in touch very soon.

The donation is recognized for tax purposes in Israel and the United States*

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