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Corporate Accredited Investor Statement

The data in this questionnaire will be used by CityR solely for the purposes of classifying the investor under the Securities Law and not for any other purpose.

Statement by a Classified (Qualified) Investor Under Section 15A(b)(i) of the Israel Securities Law, 5728-1968.


  1. I am fully aware of the many risks involved in investing in real estate in the USA and understand, inter alia, that:

    Investing in real estate (of any kind) involves many and varied risks, and that it is not a safe investment that entails a guaranteed return. It is clear to me that the investment is subject to the decisive influence of unforeseen variables, whose degree of influence cannot be predicted or estimated.

    When investing in income-producing real estate, the expectation of receiving regular returns is also subject to the influence of various factors, chief among them being the actual performance of the property and its needs, as determined by the investment manager.

  2. The corporation is considered a “qualified / classified investor,” as applicable, under the definition of this term in the Israel Securities Law, 5728-1968 (hereinafter: the “Securities Law”) and the guidelines of the Israel Securities Authority, as one of the conditions listed in the first appendix to the Securities Law is met as follows:

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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the USA

CityR is a development group active in real estate investments in the United States, and is responsible for property acquisition, financing, occupancy, and management. The group works with private investors, qualified investors, and investment funds in Israel, the USA, and Mexico.

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Caution: All information appearing in the above publication is general and presented in principle only. It is not a substitute for the detailed information that will solely be provided to investors who move to the next stage. It is emphasized that the above does not constitute an investment proposal and does not constitute an “offer to the public” as defined in the Israel Securities Law, 5728-1968. Each investment is intended for a limited number of investors and shall be made by as many investors as is permitted by law. The relationship with the investors shall be conducted in accordance with the transaction documents and the conditions stipulated therein, and subject to negotiations with them.

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