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Real estate developers with thousands of investors and over a decade of experience.

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About CityR

CityR Group is an American development company dedicated to real estate investment, with offices in the USA and Israel. The group has extensive experience and thousands of investors who benefit from this experience through hands-on supervision and proven results, both in the multifamily sector and in smart residential neighborhood development in the USA.

CityR now has more than 6,500 units in multifamily complexes, with additional expertise in developing neighborhood infrastructure. It works with private investors, qualified investors, and investment funds in Israel, the USA, and Mexico.

How Do We Do It?

Our talented international team is located in the USA, where we focus our business activities, so they are able to supervise each project closely, based on in-depth understanding of the local area. The executive team and our skilled professionals bring together many years of comprehensive knowledge and proven experience covering the real estate investment world in general, and specifically real estate investments in the USA.

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Investment Opportunities

When you invest directly with a developer that has decades of experience, you can be confident that we will focus on investments with high betterment potential and returns.

Deal Financing

Creating the right investment mix, supported by the leading banks in the USA.

Investment Management

Working on the ground to acquire the deal and manage the investment until its realization.

Complete Transparency

Providing quarterly reports to each investor and always acting in a fully transparent manner.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Thanks to years of experience investing in income-producing properties and building infrastructure for residential neighborhoods, we understand how to identify the best deals.

CityR’s offices are in Houston, New Jersey, and Israel. We are active in the field, and as developers we know how to find the best possible deals. We have already enabled thousands of investors to experience success, while realizing and selling properties, and are now in the advanced stages of various attractive new projects.

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CityR is the developer, and is responsible for property purchase, financing, management, and realization

Full transparency, including providing ongoing information and quarterly reports

Years of experience and thousands of satisfied investors

Supported and backed by leading US banks

Operates under legal supervision and in compliance with the strictest regulations


Executive Team

CityR Group is managed by skilled real estate professionals, analysts, and investment managers who are all deeply committed to the success of every project. They personally guide each investor throughout all investment stages.

Uri Frisch

Uri previously served as VP Marketing & Business Development at Johnson & Johnson and has extensive experience in company founding and management. He has 15 years of expertise in real estate investments and hi-tech entrepreneurial ventures, and has been active in the US real estate market for many years.

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Roi Marsiano

Roi has diverse international business experience, having founded and managed two commercial companies in the USA and Europe. He has been active in the commercial and residential real estate markets, both Israeli and American, for a number of years.

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Michael Sabo

A noted property management expert, Michael gained his considerable experience at First Financial Equity and GFI Mortgage. He has been engaged in the US real estate world for many years and specializes in negotiations, building capital structure, and mortgages.

Julia Zisman Catz

CEO, CityR Israel
Yulia previously served as VP Sales & Operations for an international real estate company, where she was responsible for implementing strategy, managing ongoing work processes, leading teams of sales managers, and increasing fundraising volume. She has 15 years of experience in sales and real estate management.


Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the USA

CityR is a development group active in real estate investments in the United States, and is responsible for property acquisition, financing, occupancy, and management. The group works with private investors, qualified investors, and investment funds in Israel, the USA, and Mexico.

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New Jersey Office

145 Ayers Ct. Teaneck, NJ 07666
United States

+1 201-676-3280

Houston Office

1333 West Loop South, Suite 910 Houston, TX 77027 United States

+1 201-676-3280

Israel Office

21st Floor, Building Y,
BSR City,
3 Shaham Street,
Petah Tikva


Caution: All information appearing in the above publication is general and presented in principle only. It is not a substitute for the detailed information that will solely be provided to investors who move to the next stage. It is emphasized that the above does not constitute an investment proposal and does not constitute an “offer to the public” as defined in the Israel Securities Law, 5728-1968. Each investment is intended for a limited number of investors and shall be made by as many investors as is permitted by law. The relationship with the investors shall be conducted in accordance with the transaction documents and the conditions stipulated therein, and subject to negotiations with them.

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