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Investment Methodology

Residential Housing Complex

Our Interests Are Your Interests

As a group that is also a developer, we choose the deals that suit us best. Because we believe in our investments, we are the first to invest and the last to receive returns. When we find a project suited to our needs, we invest in it and then, during the second stage, we add qualified investors to these attractive deals.


CityR has over a decade of successful activities, with proven experience conducting various deals for our investors.

Aerial View of a Suburb

CityR invests in two sectors: multifamily properties with betterment potential, and infrastructure projects for residential neighborhoods.

The hands-on personal guidance of CityR’s portfolio managers has led more than 1,000 investors to place their trust in us and repeatedly invest in our projects over the last 10 years.

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Business Meeting

Our development deals are supervised and backed by the leading banks in the United States.

CityR Group grants Israeli investors the opportunity to directly invest with the developer, so they can be sure they are receiving the best, most attractive deals.

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CityR Group has brought an uncompromising new standard of quality, professionalism, and security to Israel when it comes to income-producing real estate in the USA, including the development of innovative eco-friendly neighborhoods.


Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the USA

CityR is a development group active in real estate investments in the United States, and is responsible for property acquisition, financing, occupancy, and management. The group works with private investors, qualified investors, and investment funds in Israel, the USA, and Mexico.

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New Jersey Office

145 Ayers Ct. Teaneck, NJ 07666
United States

+1 201-676-3280

Houston Office

1333 West Loop South, Suite 910 Houston, TX 77027 United States

+1 201-676-3280

Israel Office

21st Floor, Building Y,
BSR City,
3 Shaham Street,
Petah Tikva


Caution: All information appearing in the above publication is general and presented in principle only. It is not a substitute for the detailed information that will solely be provided to investors who move to the next stage. It is emphasized that the above does not constitute an investment proposal and does not constitute an “offer to the public” as defined in the Israel Securities Law, 5728-1968. Each investment is intended for a limited number of investors and shall be made by as many investors as is permitted by law. The relationship with the investors shall be conducted in accordance with the transaction documents and the conditions stipulated therein, and subject to negotiations with them.

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